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Ever wondered what happens when you take a traditional  business like telecom and mix it with software and IT? Welcome to the HQ in Malmo where our 60+ developers makes freakin magic every day! It all started some years ago with a great idea and a few developers and now we are working every day on revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with our product Flow - collaboration services, operator services and a state of the art PBX. The pure heart of Telecom and IT.

We are a bunch of super dedicated people but we are always looking for challenges from new ideas and laughs from new colleagues. Wanna join?

How we work

The cool thing about our department is the structure of our teams and how easy it is to get to do what you think and feel for the moment. At first you have free working hours (yup night owls are more than welcome) but most important we have dynamic teams that changes every other week to encourage all colleagues to learn new stuff. Worried about not contributing in the start - all our new recruits put code in production the first days!

We do most things in house. We have our own support team, our own UX team and even an engineering efficiency team to secure that we stay a mean lean machine. We love creative people and we are great at giving challenges and personal growth. The agile backbone also means that everyone have a lot of responsibility.


Workplace & Culture

We enjoy a lot of great stuff - like laughing, chat a bit too much with colleagues and explore the world together. But we do not like to wait, Telavox has ants in its pants and we like to try on new things all the time. This is a fast changing environment, we do not over-do things - we like to find next challenge instead. Working here is for great people that want to have fun, be your creative self, and rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

Our Values

  • Simple

    We don’t complicate things. We thrive on making products that are easy to use, understand, work with and therefore easy to wow with!

  • Fun

    We believe that mindset and attitude work wonders for us and our customers. If we embrace every opportunity for a good time, wow-experiences will come!

  • Relevant

    We always start with the needs of our customers, and we stay there. We don't speculate, we iterate. Problems can be complicated but solutions have to be simple.

Already working at Telavox?

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